IndexIn addition to our many existing service offerings, USAT is now offering two new services: Template Review and Data Usage Alert Setup. Both services offer exclusively for Sierra Wireless Modems.

USAT Service: Template Review for Sierra Wireless Gateways

USAT’s template review consultation service for Sierra Wireless Gateways is recommended for customers migrating existing templates made on previous ALEOS firmware revisions to the latest Sierra Wireless ALEOS firmware revision for the same make/model Sierra Wireless gateway. Our service provides a detailed consultation with a USAT expert engineer and your IT project lead to review and discuss best practices to bring your template up-to-date. Based on the consultation and solution outlined by your IT project lead, our engineer will recommend best practice migration methods for existing templates to be compatible with the latest ALEOS firmware; recommend any relevant changes; and educate/suggest new features that will benefit your application and your organization may want to elect to employ post-consultation.

USAT Service: Data Usage Email Alert Setup for Sierra Wireless Gateway

Consultation and design service for the setup of Sierra Wireless Gateways to periodically send out emails of status information such as data usage at the intervals of your choosing.  Our engineer will either remote into your Sierra Wireless Gateway or if not possible, will talk your IT Project lead through line by line the settings necessary to set up a configuration on your Gateway that will send status emails. Once setup customers will be able to proactively monitor their data usage and other key device health status stats at intervals they determine.

This service is currently only valid for LS300, GX/ES, MP70, RV50, and LS60 gateways


*USAT Corp. is not responsible for overage charges for any reason including but not limited to: incorrect modem settings, incorrect template setup, malfunctioning hardware devices, incorrect account sizing, or device monitoring settings.

*The customer must independently validate all setting recommendations of the gateway and of any connected equipment. Any usage charges incurred during setup or after deployment are the responsibility of the customer.

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