EncoreEncore Networks, a leader in M2M solutions for fixed and wireless communications, announced that Wireless Services Center (WSC) has chosen Encore’s EN family of wireless 4G LTE broadband routers for use in distributed enterprise and M2M applications. Among some of these uses include business continuity, digital signage, video surveillance, kiosks and ATM’s.

The California-based company provides connectivity solutions for a wide range of M2M applications. As a Verizon Wireless VPP program member, WSC integrates service plans on their network with best-in-class application specific routers. WSC provides completely managed solutions for a low monthly fee with no CapEx required.

David Pyle, Sales Director for Encore Networks, explains the benefits WSC can expect by using Encore’s EN family of routers. “By utilizing our EN routers, WSC can provide a new level of comprehensive enterprise-class business continuity solutions to protect against landline network outages at a very aggressive price point. Cable, T1, MPLS, DSL and other landline customers will have true network resiliency, right out of the box, without spending a fortune to protect mission critical network assets,” said Pyle.

The EN-2000 is a fully-featured router that provides license free IP, VPN, firewall, and ethernet switching. Enterprise customers can use Verizon 4G LTE as a primary or backup network connection, which eliminates the significant costs of conventional wired networks and the challenges associated with installation times, as well as outages. The EN-4000 broadband router allows for additional hardware capacity and flexibility. It is also available for extreme temperature hardened operations found in industrial and outdoor environments.

Dan Ochoa, President of Wireless Services Center, believes choosing Encore’s EN routers was the right decision for the company. “Our goal is to focus on comprehensive solutions, not just service or hardware. We work closely with our partners to tailor a specific solution for each customer’s unique M2M application. Encore helps us achieve that goal by providing robust, secure, and cost-effective routers for reliable wireless connectivity for a wide range of M2M applications,” said Ochoa.

Encore Networks is committed to providing advanced solutions for all their partners. WSC and Encore are looking forward to collaborating more in the near future.