USAT Solution- Adding Wi-Fi Services to Light Rail Vehicles and Buses

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USAT provides complete solutions for Bus and Light Rail Connectivity

hamptontrainBuses, light rail vehicles and subways are quickly becoming technology centers loaded with multiple systems to manage a variety of different functions like – payment systems, digital signage, security cameras, navigation and more.  With all these systems coming online independently a critical gap has emerged: the need for multi-point connectivity for vehicle subsystems and passenger-facing apps. USAT Corp’s complete connectivity solution allows cellular network connections for security cameras, fare-collection, engine maintenance, passenger Wi-Fi and more, giving transit authorities and their passengers significant value and convenience.
USAT recently completed a project for a major transit authority, which included both light rail trains and passenger buses.  This project utilized the Digi International WR44R which is designed specifically to meet the challenging environments in buses and trains. Housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure, the Digi TransPort WR44R offers integrated Wi-Fi access (with multi SSID), USB, serial and a four-port Ethernet switch, as well as a variety of configuration options. The router is ideal for transportation and mobile applications, with flexible power options (including 9-36 VDC) with vehicle connectors for direct integration into vehicle applications.  In combination with the WR44R USAT deployed exterior cellular and GPS roof mount antennas ( LTE/LTE/GPS ) combo and interior antennas ( Wi-Fi MIMO ) ceiling mount to provide maximum connectivity for cellular, GPS and Wi-Fi signals.
hamptonfullbusIn addition to providing and installing hardware USAT also provided a variety of services.  Connectivity was provided through ExpressM2M a service of USAT.  With Express M2M, data services are provided in partnership with Verizon Wireless and utilize Verizon’s 4G LTE Network where available.   Express M2M includes a suite of service and support features, WWAN device provisioning, just-in-time activation, asset reporting, modem labeling / testing and many more. With Express M2M the transit authority was also able to leverage a warm spare pool to help reduce down-time. With a warm spare pool your modem model is kept in reserve stock, activated, programmed and ready to use. When you have a down unit your pre-provisioned modem is shipped and the RMA process is initiated for failed unit. In addition, Express Shield, an add-on from ExpressM2M was utilized, which is category based content filtering and threat protection including malware, botnets, white & black lists and also offers connected device traffic summaries.
With USAT’s bus and light rail Wi-Fi Solution the transit authority is now able to:

  • Increase ridership by offering mobile Internet services to passengers.
  • Keep buses and trains operating by monitoring engine parameters and diagnosing and repair issues before they disrupt schedules and ridership.
  • Implement reliable and PCI-compliant data backhaul for open payment system.
  • Seamlessly integrate data into your transit applications such as computer aided dispatch or automatic vehicle location.

This also allows the Transit Authority the option to add options in the future:

  • External advertising billboards
  • Internal advertising/info displays
  • Ticket and payment transactions
  • Computer/data terminal
  • Route, dispatch, and driver info display
  • Video surveillance
  • Vehicle BUS analytics
  • User contact information collection

If you have a fleet please contact us today to learn more about the services USAT Corp offers for adding or upgrading your fleets connectivity:

  • Pre-Planning and EngineeringPicture1
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Fabrication and Customization
  • Provisioning and Activation
  • Express M2M Data Services
  • ExpressSHIELD
  • Logistics
  • On-site Installation
  • Training
  • Deployment Services
  • On-going Support

For consultation on your next M2M / IoT project contact a USAT Representative
For all your M2M connectivity needs visit ExpressM2M a service of USAT

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