CARES Allocates Monies to States for School Bus Hot Spots

CARES Allocates Monies To States

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The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund is supported by the $30.75 billion CARES Act Education Stabilization Fund. Allocations are determined by each state’s student-aged population and poverty levels. With this cash infusion, schools can fund School Bus Hot Spots and other home-based learning initiatives. Read more…

Airlink RV55 Promotion with $75 Instant Rebate

RV55 Promotion | $75 Instant Rebate

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USAT is a value-added reseller and premiere resale partner of Sierra Wireless IoT-enabled communications devices and networking software. USAT and Sierra Wireless want to help you and your team get connected as quickly and as affordably as possible wherever they are with this RV55 promotion. Read more…

Pop-Up Medical Facility Communications

Pop-Up Medical Facility Communications

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Out of a necessity to keep as much distance between people as possible, hospitals have started creating a variety of temporary remote and mobile facilities for the testing and treatment of patients. These pop-up facilities need to stay connected to the medical data, equipment, and systems they need to perform their jobs effectively. Read more…