Connecting Home-Based Personnel to The Corporate Network

Securely Connecting Home-Based Personnel

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Forget Hotspots | USAT Enables Essential Employees to Work from Home

Keeping Communications Secure During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most national and local governments have pushed social distancing initiatives. Included within those initiatives are a mixture of requests and mandates requiring non-critical members of the workforce to conduct business from their homes.

As an essential connectivity solutions provider — specializing in networking communications — USAT was prepared and fully equipped to make this conversion.

Unfortunately, many organizations were not prepared, and still are not as of today.

Securely Connecting Home-Based Personnel

Tested Solutions, Repurposed--Temporarily

The team at USAT is utilizing the very same solutions that we can provide to others to ensure their mission-critical operations continue running uninterrupted throughout this health crisis.

Many organizations have a myriad of concerns regarding a home-based workforce, such as data security and remote network management. The solutions we can deploy for you will address all these concerns and many others.

As a mission-critical provider of communications and connectivity solutions, USAT is here and ready to assist current and prospective clients with making their shift to a mobile workforce. Deploy secure industrial-grade Internet gateways to the workforce now—re-purpose for infrastructure projects later.

This pathway is more prudent than deploying unmanaged and unsecured network “hot spots” that compromise on up-time and network security.

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Securely Connecting Home-Based Personnel

Eliminate the Struggle

If you are out there struggling to deal with this current situation, the wireless specialists at USAT are here waiting to help your organization address the challenges of effectively managing your remote workforce communications.

We have the hardware and software you need to secure and maintain your critical infrastructure and the workforce to program and provision your devices to your network specifications. Our experts are ready to keep your home and mobile workforce operating efficiently - no matter their location - nation-wide.

If you are in need of these solutions, please reach out to the team at USAT today.

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