To ensure your network and devices can take advantage of all the security, networking, and management features we deliver through the NetCloud Service Cradlepoint has added NCOS to our EOL Policy.

Timeline of Net Cloud OS EOLs

December 2018 – Cradlepoint’s End-of-Life Policy updated to state that NCOS versions older than 18 months will not be supported as of 12/31/2019.

January-December 2019 – Customers should make a plan to upgrade all devices to NCOS 6.6.0 or higher. Plan should include NCOS and modem firmware to bring all software up to “most recent”. Recommended NCOS is the current 7.0 version or higher. Procedures should be put in place to continue to update to new NCOS and modem firmware releases.

January 2020 – Cradlepoint devices running NCOS versions older than 18 months (6.5.4 and earlier) will no longer be manageable or supported. Device dashboard will show “Deprecated” for NCOS versions no longer supported and the only action for that device is to move into a Group with a supported version of NCOS.

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