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Cradlepoint Statement Regarding IPv6 Support

Summary: On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Verizon issued a notification that Verizon will stop issuing new Public Static IPv4 addresses due to a shortage of available addresses.  This change will take place on June 30, 2017.  As the global leader in LTE, Cradlepoint will support this new “persistent Prefix IPv6” service from Verizon when it becomes available to ensure our customers are taken care of.

Which Customers are Affected?
This change by Verizon only affects customers who desire new Public Static IPv4 addresses in the future.  IT DOES NOT AFFECT ANY CURRENT CUSTOMER DEPLOYMENTS.  It also does not currently affect the more commonly used private and/or dynamic IP addresses that customers deploy.

Cradlepoint released IPv6 routing support in 2013.  Our IPv4/IPv6 routing stack is expected to work given this change. As customers adopt IPv6 across their entire stack, Cradlepoint will be enhancing our product portfolio to support more IPv6 services.  These requirements are identified and Cradlepoint will be working with sales engineers, customers, and partners to prioritize development going forward.

The “Persistent Prefix IPv6” service that Verizon announced is not yet available to buy, test, or trial for customers or vendors. As the global leader in LTE and one of Verizon’s largest routing partners, Cradlepoint will be a leader in supporting this service.

There are some technical / configuration considerations, see knowledge base article below from July 2016:

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