Cradlepoint NCM PRIME Upgrades Functionality

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Cradlepoint ECM has evolved and is now replaced by NetCloud Manager (NCM) all the upgrades to functionality are listed below:

Modem Data Usage Analytics (Released Q3)

  • Historical and predictive data usage analytics and alerts by carrier pooled data plans (billing cycle, overages)

WAN Uptime (Release Q4)

  • Historical Wide Area Network (WAN) availability across entire account, group, or router
  • Estimated WAN Uptime Service Level

LAN Client Analytics (Release Q1)

  • What clients are connected to which interface
  • Data Usage per client

WAN Traffic Application Analytics (Scheduled Release Aug)

  • What applications are consuming WAN bandwidth
  • WAN traffic application usage
  • Traffic analysis by application, category, router, group, client

Cradlepoint Remote Connect Troubleshooting (Released On July 17th)

Remote Connect – Live Router Status through NCM

  • Connect directly to local Router GUI from ECM
  • Used for live troubleshooting and router status

Remote Connect – LAN Manager

  • 3Rd Party Device Management thru NCM
  • Manage any web-based or SSH (CLI) device
  • Secure encrypted connection
  • NAT Piercing LAN Access
  • No Setup required
  • Create/Save LAN Manager Profiles

Advanced OOBM Management

  • Create/Save OOBM Profiles – Name Serial Connections
  • OOBM without Cradlepoint CLI Console admin access (Diagnostics User)
  • Serial Device online/offline status
  • Usability enhancements (i.e. larger CLI buffer, save CLI log)

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