Cradlepoint Releases 6.6.0 Firmware

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New features added in this release (Not all features are in all products – see their respective Data Sheets):

  • LTE-AIncrease the number of Speedtests allowed against Cradlepoint servers from 10 to 100
  • SNMP MIBS for GPIO are now available on IBR900 and Note that the GPIO Configuration OIDs are read-only.
  • SSH Public Key authentication has been
    • Post your public key to /config/certmgmt/public_keys
    • Post previous step’s ‘key_id’ to /config/system/users/N/keys (where N is user you wish to login as).
  • All following router SSH connections will attempt PK authentication before moving to password base
  • Remove excessive log messages when using WiFi as WAN
  • Dead reckoning performance has improved. Requires OBD-II Vehicle Speed to be enabled with a 1 second (or less) update interval

Additional UI/Usability changes:

  • Allow 64 Characters in WPA2 Personal
  • Mac whitelist wildcard option available in WiFi settings
  • A Webroot policy can now be applied to ‘All Networks’ instead of having to set the same policy on separate, individual networks
  • Renamed “VPN Networks” to “AutoVPN Networks”
  • Connection Manager default link resumes Devices display
  • Added Connection Manager Fast Primary When failing over and to further minimize connection down time, the Connection Manager now gives preference to already-connected Always On interfaces
  • 600M, 150M, 150M-B, 10M, 10M-B, LP6, LP5, LPE, Enhanced Aggressive No Carrier feature, which reduces LTE tower registration time (at the expense of 3G/2G registration) when no carrier conditions are common
  • 600M, 150M, 150M-B, 10M, 10M-B, LP6, LP5, LPE, LP3: Improved tower re-registration time when recovering from connection verification failure

Defects fixed:

  • Webroot saving config timing out through local UI
  • Cannot SSH to a Cisco 2901 via LAN port with Ethernet cable
  • Grid buttons persist across pages when they shouldn’t
  • Client usage and app analytics was not reporting for clients that are outside the LAN subnet range but are allowed through with a static
  • BGP now allows 32-bit AS Numbers
  • Portscan attacks are not identified from the WAN
  • In some configurations, the Wired 1x service was not getting started properly
  • App Logging is no longer needed to be enabled for App Sets to work
  • Could not connect to a hidden SSID if BSSID was specified
  • AP-22: Channel switch due to radar does not update UI dashboard
  • wifi-as-wan profile signal strength could be incorrect in Connection Manager
  • No SSID broadcast after upgrade
  • IBR200 and IBR350: MAC-based filtering is functional again
  • Password validation would fail in the router’s UI, anytime a user changed a networking tunnel configuration
  • Fixed potential configuration failure when enabling multi-PDN on 600M modem
  • Removed RSSI/SINR statistics graphs for modems that are disconnected
  • Modem FW upgrade enhancements: corrected file missing error message, modified underlying upgrade triggers
  • Always On modems were not connecting in tandem as expected
  • Restored ability to run WAN Verify Active Ping on Ethernet interfaces


Security issues:

  • None

Known issues

CP Secure Web Filter


  • AER2200 and AER31x0: PSE port status will not update if PSE is globally



  • Due to a 20-30ms delay in sampling, setting a configured reporting time to the minimum of one second will give samples at 1.02-1.03 seconds apart.
  • Occasionally, PCPTOBD sentences will not be sent with other NMEA sentences (Send-to-Server, Send-to-Client)


WiFi as WAN

  • AER31x0, 2100 and AER16x0 will not connect wifi as



  • Unless you have a specific service from your carrier, LTE modems will not generally provide an externally-available IP Services, such as Remote Management, will not work.



  • Franklin The Modem’s Ethernet address conflicts with the default address of the Guest LAN. A warning message is placed in the log and the Guest LAN is disabled. If you change the address of the Guest LAN to a non-conflicting address, this restriction will not occur.
  • Sierra Wireless 313U, When these modems connect on 2G or 3G bands, specifically on GSM 850, they will sometimes cause interference on the USB bus, resulting in the modem not plugging properly. If this occurs, attaching the modem to a USB extension cable will generally fix the problem.
  • The following USB modems contain an embedded web server through which many modem settings are To access the modem’s web pages, you must be logged in as the router administrator. Once logged in, you can then access the modem web pages at these given IP addresses:

Franklin U770, U772 / Sprint (USA)         ->
Netgear AC341U * / Sprint (USA)              ->       (address is configurable) Pantech UML295VW * / Verizon (USA) ->
Novatel USB730L / Verizon (USA)          ->       (address is configurable)
* The modem web pages are available only when the modem is operating in NAT mode.

Application Identities

  • For Application Identities to work properly the user needs to also enable Application ID Logging

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