Cradlepoint's New NetCloud Subscription Policy

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Cradlepoint is making a unilateral change to the way they are governing their NetCloud subscription services. Cradlepoint has recently announced that they are now strictly enforcing an active licensing policy. This will impact all users of Cradlepoint packages that have not renewed their NetCloud Package subscription after their subscription has expired.

For endpoints that do not have an active license attached, NetCloud subscription services will no longer be accessible. NetCloud package subscription services include such valuable tools as NetCloud Manager, NetCloud OS, Modem Firmware, NCP Gateway, Support, and Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Cradlepoint has posted a FAQ on NetCloud Subscriptions and Licenses that addresses all common questions and concerns on the subscription policy:

Impacts On Cradlepoint Devices:

Once an endpoint is “Unlicensed” it will lose access to NetCloud Manager but will continue to have its last basic configuration and essential routing capabilities. However, your network may be impacted in the following ways:

  • It will no longer be able to be managed in NetCloud Manager
  • It will no longer be able to upgrade NetCloud OS
  • It will no longer support NetCloud Perimeter
  • It will no longer use API and SDK applications.
  • It will no longer be able to act as a hub in Auto VPN, and will no longer be able to connect as a spoke
  • Configuration changes will be disabled
  • NetCloud software running on the device will be limited

Key Points:

  • Licensing is right to use, per seat, not perpetual
    • Devices can be in 3 states: Licensed, Non-Compliant, Unlicensed
    • Non-Compliant and Unlicensed impacts functionality. Devices should be kept in a licensed state.

Two types of Governance: Cloud and NCOS

  • Legacy endpoints (which were bought as hardware only devices, not packages) can only be governed via Cloud provided functionality
    • Cradlepoint packages are governed via Cloud and NCOS (7.1.0+)

Cloud Governance (Relates Only To Older Devices Not Procured As A Package)

  • Active NetCloud subscription is required to maintain access to Essential and Advanced functionality, Support and limited lifetime warranty

NCOS Governance (Relates To All Package Procurements)

  • Active NetCloud subscription is required to maintain access to NCOS User Interface, Modem Firmware & NCOS upgrade, and the ability to change the configuration.
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