New E100 Introduced by Cradlepoint

E100 Introduced by Cradlepoint

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Cradlepoint E100 Series Router

Provides a dedicated, enterprise-class network, security, and cloud-based
management to easily connect remote, mission-critical workers

The E100 |  Enable Working from Anywhere

NetCloud Service for SOHO with the E100 router enables mission-critical employees to work from home or outside the office with the same services, security, and ease of management. The portable router includes full-featured routing, security, traffic shaping, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to establish a secure, dedicated connection to the headquarters or the Internet to access crucial business applications.


Cradlepoint NetCloud SOHO Service

The cloud-based management with NetCloud Service for SOHO helps rapidly deploy the E100 router without IT staff onsite. From a central location, dynamically define and apply policies, troubleshoot, as well as access at-a-glance status, insights, reports, and analytics dashboards. Use NetCloud to optimize routing, VPN, SD-WAN, and security capabilities on the E100 router.

Industry-Leading Security

The E100 router provides reliable LTE, secure connections to the Internet or though VPN support, LAN switching, and Wi-Fi 5 to enable comprehensive, all-in-one office network in a portable form factor. Maintain the organizational security and
compliance profile through stateful zone-based and application-aware firewall, unified threat management, and Wi-Fi security. Leverage GPS capabilities to locate the position of the equipment and enhance asset tracking detail. Cradlepoint
NetCloud Service for SOHO with the E100 router provides everything needed to connect the remote worker to their corporate applications and services they need most from virtually any location.

E100 | Key Benefits

  • Extend a dedicated office network to critical remote employees without compromising security or reliability.
  • Use zero-touch deployment with pre-configured router and pre-inserted SIM to speed installation.
  • Integrate into existing networks with standards-based dynamic routing, traffic-shaping, security, and VPN tunnel support.
  • Define policies through centralized, cloud-based management for easy deployment at scale.
  • Segment and isolate work assets from household network and devices.

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