Airlink ES450 Promotion | $50 Instant Rebate

ES450 Promotion | $50 Instant Rebate

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New Airlink ES450 Promotion

$50 Off with Instant Rebate

USAT and Sierra Wireless want to help you and your team get connected as quickly and as affordably as possible wherever they are with this ES450 promotion.

Until May 31, 2020 we are reducing the price of the ES450 LTE Router (via Instant Rebate) – one the most secure, flexible, and easy-to-deploy devices available from USAT. The ES450 comes out-of-the box with an AC adapter, two blade antennas and carrier-ready firmware.

When purchasing this device through the ES450 promo, it also comes with one year of Airlink Complete to help you manage, monitor, and maintain your routers. Airlink Complete is a device management tool from Sierra Wireless that provides around the clock access to their friendly and knowledgeable technical support team. Their team will help get you back up and running as efficiently as possible.

ES450 Promotional Offer Expires 05/31/2020
ES450 Promotional Offer Expires 05/31/2020

ES450 Promotional Offer Expires 05/31/2020
USAT is a Airlink Premiere Reseller for Sierra Wireless
ES450 Promotional Offer Expires 05/31/2020

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USAT is a value-added reseller and premiere resale partner of Sierra Wireless IoT-enabled communications devices and networking software. USAT specializes in improving the efficiency of our clientele’s mission-critical operations by implementing wireless communication solutions for data acquisition. USAT provides, configures, and deploys durable, secure, and field-tested intelligent network devices to fit the exacting requirements and budgets of our clients' wireless connectivity initiatives.

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