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Series 3: How do I update the firmware of a CradlePoint router?

If you are unsure of CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here


Inability to connect to the Internet with a supported modem through a Series 3 CradlePoint router.


Outdated Firmware.

Conceptual Plan:  Since an Internet connection cannot be established through the router, the modem will need to be connected directly to the computer in order access and obtain the correct firmware files.  After saving the necessary firmware files on your computer the modem will need to be removed from the computer, and the CradlePoint router connected.  To connect a computer to the router and update firmware, no internet connection is required, only a connection between the computer and router. Once the router is connected to the computer, the files will be uploaded to the router and installed.


  1. Turn off your CradlePoint router.
  2. Connect your modem to your computer and establish an internet connection utilizing your carrier instructions.
  3. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type into the main address bar.                                                               User-added image
  4. Choose your router model within the FIND AND DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE section by clicking the down arrow next to the – Select Product – field, and then click on the grey CHECK FOR LATEST FIRMWARE button.        User-added image
  5. Click on the Download vN.N.N link next to firmware version you would like to use. Please note that you may also see additional links for 4G or Wimax firmware files, which apply only to CradlePoint internal and integrated modems.            User-added image
  6. Within the file download box, choose the Save option. DO NOT select the option to Open or to Run the file. The dialog may appear differently, depending on your browser. Internet Explorer version 9 is used the example below.                         User-added image
  7. Click Save As from the selection menu. Please note that if you do not see this option, your browser might be automatically saving the file in your Downloads folder.                                                                                           User-added image
  8. Within the Save As window, select Desktop or another location on your computer where you’d prefer to save the file, and then click theSave button.                                                                                                                     User-added image
  9. Once the download has completed, disconnect the modem from your computer.
  10. Factory reset your CradlePoint router. Click here for instructions on performing a factory reset your Series 3 CradlePoint.
  11. Connect your computer to the CradlePoint router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  12. Once connected to the router, log into the router’s administrative console.
  13. If you are using the CTR35 or MBR95 router models, enable the Advanced Configuration Mode.
  14. Click the System Settings tab, and choose System Software from the drop-down menu.                    User-added image
  15. Click on Manual Firmware Upload.                                                                                            User-added image
  16. Select Choose File.                                                                                                                         User-added image
  17. Select Desktop or the location where you had saved the file during Step 8. Note: if you never chose the location during the download process, the file most like saved in your Downloads folder by default.                                                                                                 User-added image
  18. Select the file name in the format u_router_model_date_of _firmware_release.bin and click OpenUser-added image
  19. Click Begin Firmware Upgrade.                                                                                                        User-added image
  20. The following screens will be displayed as the firmware is upgraded.                                    User-added imageUser-added image
  21. Once the firmware update is complete, if connected via Ethernet, you will automatically be returned to the Cradlepoint administrative login page. If connected via Wi-Fi, you may need to reconnect to the router’s wifi. Please note that if you computer has multiple wifi networks saved, it may have automatically reconnected to one of them while the CradlePoint router was rebooting.
  22. Log into the routers administration page (login instructions).                                                     User-added image
  23. Click the Status tab, and then select Dashboard from the drop-down menu to verify that the router firmware version has been updated. User-added image

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