How do I access the Enterprise Cloud Manager’s settings?

Beverly McRae

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) is a cloud-based management service for configuring, monitoring, and organizing your CradlePoint routers. Key features include the following:

  • Group based configuration management
  • Health monitoring of router connectivity and data usage
  • Remote management and control of routers
  • Historical record keeping of device logs and status

Visit to learn more about CradlePoint ECM. If you do not have ECM credentials, sign up at:


Registering Your Router – Once you have signed up for ECM, click on the Register Router button to begin managing the router through ECM. Input your ECM Username and ECM Password and click Register. You have now registered the device with Enterprise Cloud Manager.

Suspending the ECM Client – Click on the Suspend Client button to stop communication between the device and ECM. Suspending the client will make it stop any current activity and go dormant. It will not attempt to contact the server while suspended. This is a temporary setting that will not survive a router reboot; to disable the client altogether use the Advanced Enterprise Cloud Manager Settings panel (below).

Enterprise Cloud Manager Settings (Advanced)


  • Enabled: Enable the ECM client to contact the server. While this box is unchecked, the ECM client will never attempt to contact the server. (Default: Enabled)
  • Server Host:Port: The DNS hostname and port number for your ECM server. (Default:
  • Session Retry Timer: How long to wait, in seconds, before starting a new ECM session following a connection drop or connectivity failure. Note that this value is a starting point for an internal backoff timer that prevents superfluous retries during connectivity loss.
  • Unmanaged Checkin Timer: How often, in seconds, the router checks with ECM to see if the router is remotely activated. Note that this value is a starting point for an internal backoff timer that reduces network usage over time.
  • Maximum Alerts Buffer: The maximum number of alerts to buffer when offline.
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