How do I activate a CradlePoint COR IBR600LE-VZ router?

Beverly McRae

 If you are unsure of your CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.


1.       First you must obtain a properly provisioned SIM from your Verizon or Verizon-reseller sales representative. SIM provisioning is done the same way as USB modem SIM provisioning. The standard plans are “Mobile Broadband”.*2.       Slide open the SIM bay cover on your IBR600LE. By design this will power off the router. Insert the SIM with the notched end first and 4G logo facing up. Once the SIM clicks into place, close the SIM bay cover. Do not power on the router.3.       Attach the included WiFi and cellular antennas to the IBR600LE. WiFi antenna connectors are labeled “2.4” on the router. Triangle and square symbols just below the cellular radio connectors will match symbols on both the cellular antennas (they’ll look like paddles), and do not over tighten.4.       Power on the IBR600LE. User-added image                                     Figure 1 – Modem connection status LED5.       Observe the modem connection status LED on the back of the unit, as shown in Figure 1. When it goes solid green, this means the modem has successfully established a connection to the Internet. This activation process can take up to 15 minutes minutes to complete, DO NOT POWER OFF THE ROUTER DURING THIS WAITING PERIOD.User-added image
Figure 2 – Router Dashboard
6.       Log into the router’s setup pages at by default. Here you can view general information about your router’s status, and begin configuration of the unit. *Note: “Router pricing” plans for B2B customers and “M2M” (small data limits and pooled plans) plans are also available for this product. Note that these plans are available only through Verizon business representatives. Contact your Verizon representative for more information.

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