HOW TO: Add a Digi TransPort to your Remote Manager account

Beverly McRae

Adding your Digi TransPort to Remote Manager

  1. Log into your Digi Remote Manager account.
  2. Click on the Device Management tab.
  3. Click on the Add Devices button on the tool bar

  4. Add the Digi TransPort by either discovering it locally, or manually adding the Device ID, using either of the the two methods described below:

Discovery method:

  1. After hitting Add Devices (step 3 above), click the Discover >> button.

  2. Click the Discover button on the 2nd Add Devices screen.

  3. Select the Digi TransPort to be added, and click OK.

Manual method:

  1. After hitting Add Devices (step 3 above), click the dropdown which defaults to MAC Address, and select Device ID instead.

  2. Populate the entry field to the right of Device ID with the Device ID of your Digi TransPort.  This can be obtained from the Digi TransPort WebUI Home page if needed.

  3. Click the Add button, then click OK.

Your Digi TransPort should now be added to Remote Manager:

After your device is added, it should show up in the list of devices as disconnected (a Red icon beside the device means Disconnected, see below).

After a minute or so, refresh the device list by clicking the Refresh button, and verify a Connected state as seen below.  A Blue icon indicate the device is connected to Remote Manager.



If you see the Blue/Connected icon next to your TransPort, it means that your device was properly configured, and you can now manage your TransPort on Remote Manager.  If still not connected after a a few minutes, you’ll want to re-check your TransPort Remote Management and Network configurations, as well as make sure you aren’t running into any Firewall issues between the TransPort and Remote Manager.

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