Are Both SMA Connectors Required on Airlink Gateways?

Jesse Rothschild

Do I have to use both SMA connectors on Sierra Wireless Airlink Cellular Gateways for the Radio Modem antennas?

Sierra Wireless Airlink LTE Cellular Gateways such as the RV50 and RV50X utilize 2×2 MIMO technology. MIMO equals Multi-In/Multi-out and is designed to improve the cellular signal and quality on both the downlink and uplink.

MIMO for LTE works differently than the older optional 2G/3G Rx Diversity antenna in that it utilizes 2 distinct Tx and Rx signals which are intelligently combined to increase throughput where signal multipath is available. MIMO will increase throughput in areas where interference would otherwise cause throughput degradation.

Two antennas must be used to achieve this performance as well as to comply with several updated network operator’s transmission requirements. Verizon’s TM4 for example requires 2 antennas for reliable operation, not just performance.

Unfortunately, there is no option to turn MIMO off in the newer LTE cellular gateways as there was on the 2G/3G devices since MIMO is a requirement of LTE. This applies to Sierra Wireless Airlink Gateways: RV55, RV50, RV50X, MP70, MG90, and any other gateways that utilize 2×2 MIMO technology.

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