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Can CradlePoint routers use a primary and secondary LAN IP address?

All CradlePoint Routers occupy a primary and secondary IP address when they are in operation.  This allows things like DNS services and HTTP redirects for User Login, Error messages, etc. to function properly on the CradlePoint router.

By default the CradlePoint router IP address is set to, this means that it automatically occupies as well due to it being the next available IP address.  The router can be configured to use different IP addresses by following this link for Series 1 or 2 products and this link for Series 3 products.

When changing the router IP address, it’s important to note that it will always occupy the IP you set it to, as well as the next IP address.  No other device attached to the router can be set to that address.

 Also, the router’s IP addresses must not fall outside the usable range of IP addresses.  By default, the router is set to use a network that goes from to  So the router couldn’t be set to use any IP above because it would also need to use as a secondary IP address.

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