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Where can I find a CradlePoint LED Indicator Light explanation?

The LED lights on the router will display different colors depending on the equipment plugged in and router state..

LED lights:

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Indicates the CradlePoint is being supplied power.

1 – 4 
Indicates a connection has been made on the respective the LAN port, blinking indicates traffic over the port.

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Indicates a connection has been made on the routers WAN port, blinking indicates traffic over the port.

Note: The WAN port will turn on even if plugged into a computer however, the WAN port is for Internet connections only, i.e. DSL/Cable modems.

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Indicates the Wi-Fi radio of the router is “On.” Blinking indicates traffic over the radio.

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Indicates the router is in (Wireless Protected Setup) WPS mode. This indicator will blink for 2 minutes orange then 2 minutes red.

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Indicates that a recognizable cellular device is connected to the router.

  • Red:  No connection is being attempted, or an error has occured
  • Orange (Solid):  Modem is recognized, not connecting to tower
  • Orange (Blinking):  Modem is dialing out to cell tower
  • Green (Blinking):  Modem is negotiating connection with cell tower
  • Green (Solid):  Modem is connected with cell tower
  • OFF:   Modem is not detected or connected.

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