Can GPS coordinates be transmitted using an MP or GX400/GX440 with Wireless LAN (WiFi)?

Beverly McRae

GPS reports/data can be sent to local host devices that are connected to the GX device via WiFi in much the same way that they can be sent to local host devices connected to any AirLink product via Ethernet.

There are two ways to configure this:

1. If there are one or two host devices connected over WiFi, then configure one or two of the GPS Servers in ACE manager to send GPS reports to the local IP addresses that would be associated with that device (or devices). By default, the first address handed out by the modem to a WiFi host is, and the next addresses would be .101, .102, and so forth.

2. If there are three or more host devices connected to the GX device via WiFi, you can configure a GPS server to send reports to the wildcard address of The modem would then send the GPS reports to any device connected via WiFi.


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