Where can I learn more about AT&T’s Static IP with Mobile to Mobile Capability Configuration?

Beverly McRae


This document is intended to guide CradlePoint Administrators and Value Added Resellers through the process required for configuring the AT&T static IP with Mobile to Mobile communication.

AT&T’s legacy static IP address service uses the “i2gold” Access Point Name (APN) for all customers.  AT&T’s new offering allows the user to have mobile to mobile communication capability as well as a publicly routable static IP address.

AT&T’s M2M service requires customer authentication with AT&T’s RADIUS authentication system.  AT&T assigns the customer a username and password, along with the APN WWAN.CCS.  This document describes the process of configuring this information in the CradlePoint firmware.

This article was written to correspond with CradlePoint 5.0.0 firmware for Series 3 devices.


  • Access Point Name (APN):  The name of the gateway used to access the WAN. This is specified by the carrier.
  • PPP Username & Password:  The CHAP username and password assigned by the carrier
  • Mobile to Mobile:  Wireless WAN (WWAN) with AT&T Commercial Connectivity Service (CCS) is a network-based option that extends the reach of the corporate network to mobile devices and workers with security enhanced back-end connectivity between the customer’s WAN and the AT&T Mobility network. WWAN is ideal for backup connectivity for bandwidths up to T1.5 and for primary connectivity where wired network connectivity is unavailable.


Configuring AT&T’s M2M SIM cards requires two settings: entering the username/password, and entering the correct APN.

  1. Click Internet > Connection Manager to access the “WAN Interfaces” page. User-added image
  2. From the “WAN Interfaces” section, select the modem and click Edit.        User-added image
  3. Click the SIM/APN/Auth Settings tab.                                                                  User-added image
  4. Set the “Authentication Protocol” drop-down to CHAP, then enter the “Username” and Password” that were assigned by the carrier.                                                                            User-added image
  5. Under “Access Point Configuration” click next to Manual. In the “APN” field enter wwan.ccs, then click the Submit button. User-added image

After making this change, the modem will connect to the AT&T network and allow the modem to be configured with the AT&T assigned static publicly routable IP address.

The IP address being received by the carrier may be confirmed by selecting under the “Internet” section of the Status Dashboard page.User-added image

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