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Where can I learn about CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager’s configuration priority settings?

For customers with CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), there are three main ways to edit a device’s configuration:

  • the Groups panel in ECM
  • the Devices panel in ECM
  • locally, through the individual device administration pages

Configuration settings from all of these three sources are additive unless there is a conflict. The following table shows the configuration priority when there are conflicts:

Configuration Priority Levels

Highest ECM Device
ECM Group
Lowest Local

In general, the preferred method for configuring devices is through the Groups panel in ECM. If you have more specific settings for individual devices, use the Devices panel.

For example, you could make the administration password standard for an entire group and then create individual SSIDs for specific devices – both through ECM. If someone tried to log into the device administration pages to change either the administration password or SSID, those changes would be overridden by the ECM settings.

ECM Groups Page

In the Groups panel in ECM, use the Configuration menu in the top toolbar to Edit the group configuration, display a configuration Summary,Clear the group configuration, and Copy To (save the settings from this group and apply them to another group). To access this menu, you must first select a group.

ECM Groups screenshot

  • Edit – Opens a popup window with most of the same configuration options found in the administration pages of the individual devices. The configuration window includes dropdown menus for Network SettingsInternet, and System Settings. Refer to the product manual for more information about configuration options for each type of device.

ECM Group configuration pages

  • Summary – This is a diagnostic tool for experts. The output shows the Target Configuration: the complete set of configuration changes sent to the group through CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager.
  • Clear – Clear the group configuration; device configuration rules remain.
  • Copy To – Saves the settings from this group and applies them to another group that you select. Only groups with the same product type are available for you to select.


ECM Devices Page

In the Devices panel in ECM, the Configuration menu in the top toolbar has the same options as in the Groups panel, with one addition: Resume Updates.

ECM Devices screenshot

  • Resume Updates – It is possible for a device’s configuration changes to be “suspended.” This means that a configuration change was sent to the device through Enterprise Cloud Manager that disabled the connection to ECM. Whenever this happens the device rolls back to the previous configuration settings and it can no longer receive configuration updates. Select Resume Updates to restart configuration updates for the device. NOTE: You should first determine why the suspension occurred and correct the configuration.

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