Where can I learn more about data usage?

Beverly McRae

Data Usage

Data Usage Management & Alerts allows you to create and manage rules that help control the data usage of a modem. If you have a limited data plan or a price increase on your plan after a certain amount of usage, a Data Usage Rule can help you track these amounts. You can set a rule to shut down use of a modem and/or send a message when you reach a data usage amount you set.

When you select Enable Data Usage, you will see the Data Usage Agreement shown below. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that you understand that the data numbers for your router might not perfectly match those of your carrier: CradlePoint cannot be held responsible. You must accept the agreement by clicking “Yes” in order to begin creating data usage rules.


Warning: You should set your data limits lower than your carrier data allowance and regularly compare the numbers provided by the router with the numbers from your carrier.

Data Usage Rules

The Date Usage Rule display shows basic information for each rule you have created (including rules created with a template). The following information is displayed:

  • Rule Name
  • Enabled: True/False
  • Date for Rule Reset
  • Cycle Type: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Cap: Amount in MB.
  • Current Usage: Shown as an amount in MB, as a percentage of the cap, and in a bar graph.


Click Add to configure a new Data Usage Rule.

Data Usage Rule – page 1


Rule Name: Give your rule a name for later recognition.

WAN Selection: Select from the dropdown list of currently attached WAN devices.

Assigned Usage in MB: Enter a cap amount in megabytes. 1024 megabytes equals 1 gigabyte.

Rule Enabled: (Default: Enabled.) Click to disable.

Use with Load Balancing: When checked, the Load Balancing feature is allowed to use the thresholds and metrics of this rule when making balance decisions. This causes Load Balancing to spread the data usage between interfaces according to the assigned usage rather than bandwidth. This is a best effort to keep all interfaces with these rules at a similar percentage utilization of data (e.g. 10%, 50%, 90%) as the cycle progresses, rather than quickly using 100% of a fast 1 GB capped interface while using only a fraction of a slow 10 GB capped interface, thus leaving the rest of the cycle with only the slow interface. To use this setting, you must also go to the Internet → WAN Affinity / Load Balancingpage. For the Load Balance Algorithm field select “Data Usage”.

Data Usage Rule – page 2


Cycle Type: How often the rule will reset. The data usage amount will be reset at the end of each cycle. Select the length of a cycle from a dropdown menu with the following choices:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Cycle Start Date: Select the date you wish the rule to begin. This date will be used to track when the rule will reset.


Shutdown WAN on Cap: If selected, the WAN device will shut down when the assigned usage is reached. A cycle reset or a rule deletion will re-enable the device.

Send Alert on Cap: An email alert will be generated and sent when the assigned usage is reached.

WARNING: The SMTP mail server must be configured in System Settings → Device Alerts.

Custom Alert: When checked you enable a second email to be configured for a percentage of the assigned usage.

Percent of Usage (1-1000): If selected, a custom alert will be sent when your data usage reaches this percentage of your usage cap. For example, you could set this at 90 percent so that you know when your usage is nearing 100 percent of the cap.

Template Configuration


Templates allow you to control multiple WAN devices with the same rule. Each WAN device that matches a template will automatically have its own rule created.

For example, you can set a template rule for all mobile data modems that causes your router to send an alert after 1000 MB of usage in a month. When you attach a new 4G USB modem, your template will immediately create a new Data Usage Rule for the attached modem that sends the alert as specified.

Click Add to configure a new Template rule.

Create a Template Name that you can recognize. The template will apply to one of the following WAN types:

  • All WAN
  • All Ethernet
  • All Modems

Select one of these types.

The rest of the rule settings options match those in the Data Usage Rules. See the section above for additional information about how to configure your template usage rules.

Historical Data


The Historical Data graph displays if you have a Data Usage Rule enabled for an active WAN device. This graph shows the MB/sec trend for the last day. In this section you also have the ability to change the data usage records for a connected WAN device: Add Usage or Erase History. You may want to add data usage to a device’s record if, for example, you’ve used the SIM or data plan with other devices – that data usage wouldn’t otherwise be recorded by the router.

Click on Add Usage and then select the date and input additional data amount in MB.