How can I tell if I’m using PHS300 Hardware Version 1 or 2?

Beverly McRae


I have a supported 4G modem that is not connecting in my PHS300.


4G is not supported on PHS300 H/W version 1.x  However PHS300 H/W version 2.0 does support most 4G modems.


To check the hardware version of your PHS300, simply remove the battery door and battery to find the product information sticker.  There you will find either “H/W Rev 1.x” or H/W ver: V2.0”.

Hardware v1.x

Hardware v2.0
phs300_hwv2_label.gif.gifMost modems will work in either Hardware v1.x or v2.0 – but there are some modems that will only function with v2.0 4G WiMAX modems will not work fully with the router version 1. Dual band, 3G/4G WiMAX modems will only work in 3G mode.Please see the PHS300 Main Support Page for more information on supported modems.

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