Why can’t my computer connect to a CradlePoint Router via an ethernet cable?

Beverly McRae


My computer does not establish a connection with the CradlePoint via an Ethernet cable.


There are several cause related to this problem including but not limited to: cable is plugged in to the wrong port, the cable is bad, etc.


There are two steps in determining if your computer is connected to the router properly with an Ethernet cable.

1)  Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected to your computer and to the Ethernet port on your CradlePoint router.

2)  Verify that the WLAN or Computer LED on the front of the router is active.

For Routers with Multiple Ethernet Ports (MBR800, MBR900, MBR1000, MBR1200, MBR90, MBR95, MBR1200B, MBR1400)  Connect the Ethernet cable from your computer to one of the Yellow or Orange Ethernet ports on the router.  Make sure it is not plugged into the Blue/WANport.  The Blue/WAN port is where you connect Cable/DSL/T1 Internet service.


If the WLAN or Computer LED on the router is not active, first try a new Ethernet cable.

If the LED still does not become active, try plugging your router into a different computer.

If your router has multiple Ethernet ports, you can plug two of them together.  (Ex: LAN1 and LAN3.)  Both lights will become active and start flashing.

If the LED is on and you are still not able to get your computer to connect through the router, check the DHCP settings on your computer.  How do I set DHCP Settings?

If you have followed all these troubleshooting steps above, check your Dial-up and Proxy settings.  How do I check my Dial-up and Proxy Settings?

If, after following these troubleshooting steps, you are still unable to connect your computer to the router via an Ethernet cable, contactCradlePoint Technical Support for further assistance.

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