What cloud service options are available for Sierra Wireless AirLink® devices?

Beverly McRae

Cloud services can be used for applications built around Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Sierra Wireless AirLink® has a platform called AirVantage. AirVantage has a powerful set of M2M application development tools and an open web services application programming interface (API) which can be leveraged in conjunction with ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) running inside of Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX-400 and GX-440 intelligent wireless gateways. USAT Corp is a premier partner of Sierra Wireless authorized to to optimize AAF coding in Lua, so that the devices are shipped live to the field during with device deployment. USAT’s DevProv+ suite of services ensures maximum success with a deployment of equipment utilizing the AirVantage platform.

AirVantage can also function as a device management backbone, communicating directly with devices in the field through the AirVantage Ready Agent. This also provides advanced asset management features to issue commands to assets or collect asset data and events. AirVantage Platform also includes embedded and application development tools to expedite time to market. The eclipse based programming tools are tied to the AirVantage Ready Agent as well as the services platform in order to create a comprehensive M2M development environment. This environment includes embedded M2M modeling tools and application simulation tools.

Another facet of AirVantage is AirVantage Smart Automation. This platform simplifies the connection to industrial equipment and the creation of embedded business logic without programming. This enables new services such as tiered monitoring and maintenance, demand response applications, and time- or location-based equipment usage models.

Smart Automation leverages the AirVantage Platform to facilitate subscription, device and asset management through a remote M2M application. The Smart Automation extension integrates these capabilities with industrial control systems. AirVantage Smart Automation makes it easy to set up custom business logic to collect, sort, prioritize, send and store data without the need for programming. Existing backend systems can be integrated or new M2M applications can be implemented using standard web services APIs.

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