How do I configure a device and make it connect to a CradlePoint using a static IP address?

Beverly McRae


Connect a computer or other device to a CradlePoint router that uses a static IP address.


  • Local area network device – any device connected as a client either wirelessly or wired into a LAN port on a CradlePoint router.
  • Static IP – anytime a network address is configured manually on a client (or any device connected to one of the LAN ports of a router). The alternative would be to use a DHCP server to assign an address.
  • Subnet – The range of numbers that represent a single inter-connected network.  Network devices that share the same subnet can “see” and communicate with each other.  Devices on a different subnet cannot communicate with each other without the aid of external routing.  The default subnet on CradlePoint routers is set to to  By default, the CradlePoint router uses the IP address of
  • Default Gateway – If a request is made to communicate with a device that lies outside of the subnet, then the request automatically goes to the default gateway, which is usually the CradlePoint router (the default address of  The default gateway can then route the request to the appropriate location as long as it knows the route.


If you need to configure a device to use a static IP address (like an IP Camera for example), the general rule is that the device must reside on the same subnet as the router. The subnet is determined by the settings on the router.  By default the subnet of the router is set to through As long as the device has an address within that range, it will be able to communicate with the router and any other device connected on the same subnet. For example:

  • You have an IP camera connected to the CradlePoint router that uses a static IP address.
  • You have a computer connected to the same router.
  • You want to view pictures from the IP camera on your computer.
  • You are using default settings.
  • You should set the IP address on the IP camera to an address within the range:*
  • You should set the subnet mask of the device to
  • You should set the default gateway of the device to
  • If you need to configure a DNS server, set it to

*Note: CradlePoint routers may occupy both the and addresses by default.  The default DHCP scope on a router is to  You could also use the address range from to without any conflicts.

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