How do I configure a MAC Filter?

Beverly McRae

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier for a computer or other device. This page allows you to manage clients by MAC address. You can filter clients by MAC addresses and/or keep a log of devices connected to your router.

Filter Configuration

The MAC Filter allows you to create a list of devices that have either exclusive access (whitelist) or no access (blacklist) to your local network.

mac filter

Enabled: Click to allow MAC Filter options.

Whitelist: Select either “Whitelist” or “Blacklist” from a dropdown menu. In “Whitelist” mode, the router will restrict LAN access to all computers except those contained in the “MAC Filter List” panel. In “Blacklist” mode, listed devices are completely blocked from local network access.

MAC Filter List (Whitelist or Blacklist): Add devices to either your whitelist or blacklist simply by inputting each device’s MAC address.

NOTE: Use caution when using the MAC Filter to avoid accidentally blocking yourself from accessing the router.

MAC Logging Configuration

Enable MAC Logging: Enabling MAC Logging will cause the router to log MAC addresses that are connected to the router. MAC addresses that you do not want to have logged (addresses that you expect to be connected) should be added to the “Ignored MAC Addresses” list.

You can configure the router to send an alert if a connected device has a MAC address that the router doesn’t recognize. Go to System Settings → Device Alerts to set up these email alerts.

mac filter

Ignored MAC Addresses: This is the list of MAC addresses that will not produce an alert or a log entry when they are connected to the router. These should be MAC addresses that you expect to be connected to the router. To add MAC addresses to this list, simply select devices shown in the MAC Address Log and click “Ignore.” You can also add addresses manually.

MAC Address Log: This shows the last 64 MAC addresses that have connected to the router, as well as which interface was used to connect. The time/date that is logged is the time of the first connection. The page may need to be refreshed to show the most recent log entries.

Double-clicking on entries from this list will add them to the Ignored MAC Addresses list.

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