How do I configure Open VPN Tunnels?

Beverly McRae

NOTE: OpenVPN requires a feature license. Go to System Settings → Feature Licenses to enable this feature.

OpenVPN is an open source software application that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities.


Once you have a valid feature license, click Add to create a new OpenVPN tunnel. Click Edit to make changes to an existing tunnel.

Add/Edit Tunnel – General


  • Tunnel Enabled – Click to enable/disable this tunnel.
  • Tunnel Name – Enter a name to uniquely identify this tunnel.
  • Tunnel Mode – Select which mode this tunnel endpoint is required to be. Choose from the following:
    • Client
    • Server
  • Local Tunnel Address – Enter the IP Address of the LNS (tunnel server) peer.
  • Remote Tunnel Address – Enter the IP Address of the LNS (tunnel server) peer.
  • Support IPv6 Tunnels – Allow IPv6 traffic to be forwarded over this tunnel. If you select this option, also input an IPv6 Tunnel Addressand Tunnel Prefix Length for IPv6.
  • Tunnel Protocol – Choose UDP or TCP.
  • Configuration Mode – Simple configuration requires the least amount of configuration for the tunnel, while advanced allows for a more detailed setup.
  • Ping – (Displays if the Configuration Mode is Advanced) If no packets have been sent in the amount of time entered, a ping is sent to the remote endpoint.
  • Ping Restart – (Displays if the Configuration Mode is Advanced) If no pings have been received in the amount of time entered, OpenVPN restarts the tunnel.

Add/Edit Tunnel – Remote Hosts

Create a list of remote server connections to connect to. OpenVPN will try to connect to each host in the list. If a disconnect occurs from a given server, the next server will be tried in a round-robin fashion.


  • Host – IP address of the remote server.
  • Port – Specify the port if desired.
  • Protocol – Select UDP or TCP.

Add/Edit Tunnel – Certificate Settings

Generate or upload certificates for OpenVPN.


If the Configuration Mode is set to Simple, you have the option to set the TLS-Auth Key.

If the Configuration Mode is set to Advanced, set any of the following:

  • Root Certificate
  • Client Certificate
  • Client Key
  • TLS-Auth Key
  • DH Parameters
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