How do I connect to the PHS300 using Ethernet?

Beverly McRae

The PHS300 as of hardware version 2.0 (Click here to learn how to determine your hardware version) is compatible with the PS6U1UPE which allows a LAN connection to the PHS300. This means you can quickly hook it up to any electronic device that has a RJ45 port. The PS6U1UPE would be powered by the PHS300 so you will not be tied down while using it.  

Note: This set-up does not allow an Ethernet WAN connection, i.e. DSL, Cable, Satellite, etc.

Required Equipment:

Mini-B to Type A USB Cable
Computer with RJ45 port


Cellular Modem Note: The USB Hub is so that you can use the PS6U1UPE while maintaining an Internet connection with a USB Cellular device.  

  1. Connect the USB Hub to the PHS300
  2. Connect the PS6U1UPE to the USB Hub
  3. Connect the PS6U1UPE to your computer
  4. Connect your modem to the USB Hub
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