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What are the differences between the COR IBR600/650 with HW version 1.2 and HW version 1.3?


This article describes how to visually distinguish between HW v1.2 and HW v1.3 on the COR IBR600’s and IBR650’s.  Note the only physical difference is that the micro USB has been replaced with the full-sized USB A Connector.  Other than that, the firmware, form, fit and function are identical.


  • The Part Number remains the same
  • The Model Number remains the same
  • Hardware Version 1.2, the top is branded as CradlePoint Technology  (see figure 1)
  • Hardware Version 1.3, the top is branded as CradlePoint  (see figure 2)
  • The H/W Version (on the label, see figures 3 and 4 respectively) changes from 1.2 to 1.3.


COR IBR600/IBR650 Hardware v1.2 Identifiers COR IBR600/IBR650 Hardware v1.3 Identifiers
HW Version 1.2 Top Branding  (Figure 1) HW Version 1.3 Top Branding  (Figure 2)
User-added image User-added image
HW Version 1.2 Label  (Figure 3) HW Version 1.3 Label  (Figure 4)
User-added image User-added image
HW Version 1.2 Micro USB  (Figure 5) HW Version 1.3 Full-Size USB  (Figure 6)

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