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ECM IP Address Change Announcement

May 19, 2015


On June 19, 2015, Cradlepoint will be changing the IP Address for Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM).  This change will require assigning a new IP Address to, and  Most ECM customers will not notice any changes as the new DNS settings will be implemented automatically.  Please read further to understand if you are affected by this change.

Who is NOT affected

Customers who have not added a firewall rule, or use DNS names for accessing ECM, are not affected.

Who is affected

Customers who have added a firewall rule to allow access to ECM using the IP Address, are affected.

Actions to take if you are affected

Customers who have implemented specific IP addresses into their firewall systems will need to update their firewall rules, adding the following new IP addresses, in order to access ECM after June 19th.

It is recommended that customers not use the actual IP addresses for ECM, but use the DNS names as this prevents access problems when changes are made to IP addresses.

This email is being sent to all ECM Administrators who Cradlepoint has on record. Please forward this communication to all appropriate personnel within your company.

New IP addresses effective June 19, 2015 – (reserved for future use) – (reserved for future use)

In order to allow for full availability, all four addresses should be used.

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