How do I enable the WiFi as WAN feature?

Beverly McRae

WiFi as WAN uses an outside WiFi network as its Internet source. When WiFi as WAN is enabled, the router will find other WiFi networks that you can select and connect to. Unless a selected WiFi source is on an unprotected network, you will need to know its password or key.

To enable WiFi as WAN, first select the desired WiFi radio:

  • WiFi Radio #1 (2.4 GHz)
  • WiFi Radio #2 (5 GHz)


All CradlePoint routers and some other routers use the same default IP address for the primary network: If you attempt to set up WiFi as WAN and there is an “IP conflict,” you need to change the IP address. The router is attempting to use the same IP address for both WAN and LAN, which is impossible. Go to Network Settings → WiFi / Local Networks. Select the network and click Edit. You can change the IP address under IPv4 Settings. For example, you might change to

Saved Profiles

This is a list of WiFi networks that have already been configured as WAN sources. The router will attempt to connect to any of these access points using the password you have configured. If more than one access point is in range, then the router will connect with the highest priority network.

Network: The name (SSID, or Service Set Identifier) that is broadcast by the access point.

BSSID: The numeric ID of the network (Basic Service Set Identifier). This parameter is required when trying to connect to a hidden network using WiFi as WAN. It is optional when connecting to a visible network. If it is set in a profile, both the SSID and BSSID must match to connect to an access point. If the BSSID is not set in a profile, then the router will connect to any access point that matches the given SSID.

Auth Mode: The type of encryption that is used by the network.

  • None
  • WEP Auto
  • WEP Open
  • WEP Shared
  • WPA1 Personal
  • WPA2 Personal
  • WPA1 & WPA2 Personal

You have two options for adding network profiles:

  • Automatic – Select a WiFi network in Site Survey and click Import.
  • Manual – Click on Add under Saved Profiles and input the required information.

Site Survey

This is a list of WiFi networks that the router can currently find, along with information about the network such as its mode and channel. Click “Refresh” if a WiFi network you want to connect to is invisible. You can sort the list based on any of the fields by clicking on the field name.

If you import a network from Site Survey, most of the information about the network will already be completed. You need to input the password (if there is one) and then click submit to save the WiFi as WAN profile.

Wireless Scan Settings


Scan Interval: How often WiFi as WAN scans the environment for updates. (Default: 60 seconds. Range: 5–3600 seconds.)

Scan While Connected: Continue to scan for WiFi as WAN profile updates when connected. Each time a scan occurs the wireless communication of the router will be temporarily interrupted. Normally this should be disabled.

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