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Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) Series 2 Support

Differences Between Series 2 and Series 3 Support in Enterprise Cloud Manager

Cradlepoint is adding Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) support for Series 2 devices. The functionality available to Series 2 devices in ECM is on par with the functionality available in WiPipe Central (WPC). The stream protocol that connects Enterprise Cloud Manager to the router works exclusively with the technology available in Series 3 devices. Together, Series 3 devices connected to ECM represent breakthrough technology in real-time router information with the lightest possible cellular data usage. We recommend customers upgrade to Series 3 devices whenever possible to experience the real-time nature of this breakthrough technology.

For customers unable to upgrade at this time, Series 2 devices will be supported in Enterprise Cloud Manager, but with a similar latency to that experienced in WiPipe Central.

Series 2 devices need to have firmware version 2.0 or higher to work with Enterprise Cloud Manager.

NOTE: For a breakdown of which devices are in Series 2 and in Series 3 and their projected ECM compatibility, see the ECM Compatibility List in this article.

Key Differences

  • Interval settings (e.g., heartbeat, logs) have an assigned time that is not configurable in ECM.
  • A device status that has recently changed will experience a delay before being updated in ECM.
  • When editing a device configuration, users will see configuration pages that look like those from WiPipe Central.
  • Some of the column selection options are different.



Interval Settings

Setting Description / Usage ECM Configuration System-Wide Interval Setting
Heartbeat How frequently a device sends its ‘heartbeat’ to ECM to indicate whether it’s still online Not configurable via ECM 5 minutes
Heartbeat Timeout Based on the number of allowed missed heartbeats before a device’s status switches from online to offline Not configurable via ECM ~15 minutes
Logs Setting that indicates whether a device sends logs to ECM, and how frequently Can enable/disable through ECM, but interval is fixed 1 hour or 200 messages
Usage Reports Setting that indicates whether a device sends usage reports to ECM, and how frequently Can enable/disable through ECM, but interval is fixed 1 hour
Sync Interval How often a device should check with ECM to verify its managed status, session configuration values, and firmware and configuration versions Not configurable via ECM 15 minutes

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