What are the FAQ’s regarding the migration from the CradlePoint WiPipe Central to the Enterprise Cloud Manager?

Beverly McRae

Frequently Asked Questions when migrating from CradlePoint WiPipe Central to Enterprise Cloud Manager


Why should I migrate my CradlePoint routers to the Enterprise Cloud Manager platform?

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager offers many advantages over WiPipe Central. Some of these benefits are listed below.
  • Configuration changes, and firmware updates made in ECM are pushed to your devices immediately – near real-time connectivity
  • More robust and scalable platform than WPC
  • Open and robust API
Paid WiPipe Central subscribers are eligible to migrate to ECM at no extra charge for the term of their contract. To learn more about ECM, go to the product page for an overview and links to the data sheet and in-depth FAQ.

Do I have to migrate? And why?

Yes, all current WiPipe Central customers will need to migrate to the new ECM platform. We will continue to support WiPipe Central through 2014, but it will eventually be discontinued.

When can I migrate?

The ECM Migration tools have been released to all WPC customers.  Accounts with less than 100 devices are invited to migrate at their earliest convenience.  Large accounts are encouraged to contact the WPC to ECM Migration Coordinator ([email protected]) to schedule a migration planning session to review the ECM migration best practices and to identify considerations specific to that account.

How will the migration process work?

The migration process can be adjusted for each customer’s unique setup. The tools are available for use and there are 5 phases to the migration:
  • Discovery – Identify how many devices need migrated, which devices are supported, what firmware versions they are running, and what configurations are in use.  If requested, CradlePoint will work with you to gather information about your existing devices and help develop your migration plan.
  • Test – Pick a few test devices (ideally not in production), review the migration documentation, get familiar with the migration tools, and migrate a device with the desired configuration from WPC to ECM. Review the device(s) for any unexpected behavior.  Make any adjustments to configurations or new ECM settings as needed.
  • Pilot – Choose a small group of production devices to execute the process from testing. Migrate these devices and review for correct behavior.
  • Roll-out – Now that the migration steps are well established, migrate the remaining devices.  This is can be done in small or large device groups, depending on the customers requirements, or migration plan if one was established.
  • Follow-up – Once all devices are migrated, contact the ECM Migration Coordinator ([email protected]) to convert the existing WPC licences over to ECM and close out the unnecessary WPC account, just be sure to download any desired historical data beforehand.

If there are questions at any point during migration, please contact  the ECM Migration Coordinator ([email protected]) for assistance.

How long will it take?

The migration schedule will vary greatly depending on the number of devices on the account and what version of firmware the routers are currently running; upgrading a device’s firmware will take longer than migrating to ECM.  Once a router is on supported firmware (version 4.4.0 is recommended) an individual device will migrate on its next configuration sync plus the time it takes to perform a reboot.  In order to ensure a seamless transition, we recommend thoroughly testing a few devices before migrating the entire account.  Small accounts can be completed in a few hours, larger accounts may take several weeks.

How do I initiate the migration process?

Assign a main Point of Contact (POC) from your organization to work with us and contact CradlePoint’s WPC to ECM Migration Coordinator ([email protected]) to plan the ECM migration. We recommend the following steps:

  • Set up an ECM trial account with your CradlePoint Sales representative so you can see the new user interface and become familiar with the new capabilities, and how you will use them in your environment.
  • Review the CradlePoint Knowledge Base article that details ECM migration requirements.
  • Upgrade firmware to 4.4.0 (4.3.2 for CBR400/450). For devices on older firmware (before 4.1.0), a large jump in firmware can cause issues. Follow this guide to minimize losses to connectivity and configurations.

Can I migrate both my Series 2 and Series 3 products?

Migrations are currently only available for Series 3 products. To see which products are Series 2 and Series 3, please consult this link.

When will I be able to migrate Series 2 devices?

Look for the finalized Series 2 migration process in early 2014.

Can I continue to use WiPipe Central? How long will it be supported?

Yes, you can continue to use and add new routers to WiPipe Central for the near term.  WPC End-of-Sale date is September 1, 2014, End-of-Support date is October 31, 2014.
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