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What are the feature license load processes for customers without Enterprise Cloud Manager?

This document describes the options for provisioning Extended Enterprise License (EEL) on supported CradlePoint routers for customers who choose not to utilize Enterprise Cloud Manager.
For customers utilizing CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), EEL is automatically provisioned on the routers for which it was purchased, via ECM.

CradlePoint offers the Extended Enterprise License (EEL), which enables advanced routing features on the AER 2100, ARC MBR1400 (including non-integrated versions), and all COR Series routers. When the EEL subscription is purchased (1, 3, or 5-year terms), the License entitlement is set up in our systems, and an EEL Key File must be uploaded locally via a direct connection to each router for which it was purchased.

Option 1: Customer Self-Load – no charge

  • Once the entitlement is set up in CradlePoint systems, an Entitlement Notification email is sent to the purchasing customer and includes contact information to request an EEL Key File for individual router self-loading.
  • The Key File email includes the Key File, and instructions on how to directly connect to each router via WiFi or Ethernet cable with specific steps on how to upload the Key File.
  • A single Key File is good for all routers included on the EEL Purchase Order (Serial numbers or MAC addresses of routers to be enabled must be included on the purchase order, or provided to CradlePoint in a CSV file).

Option 2: CradlePoint Factory Load – $32 per router

Since it can be cumbersome to connect to each router when deploying hundreds of routers, CradlePoint offers an option to pre-load EEL at our factory before the routers are shipped to the customer. To take advantage of this service…

  • The PO must indicate “Drop Ship Only” and include the following:
    • Router SKUs that support EEL
    • EEL subscription SKU (quantity = router quantity)
    • EEL factory load SKU (quantity = router quantity)
  • A drop ship address must be provided for delivery of the fully provisioned routers

For questions contact your CradlePoint Inside Sales Representative. (See SKUs and pricing below.)

Product Pricing Part Number MSRP Description
Feature Licenses (all pricing is per router)
Extended Enterprise License (supported on AER 2100, ARC MBR1400, COR IBR600, COR IBR650)
1-yr Extended Enterprise License EEL-1YR $50 1-yr subscription for advanced routing features
3-yr Extended Enterprise License EEL-3YR $100 3-yr subscription for advanced routing features
5-yr Extended Enterprise License EEL-5YR $150 5-yr subscription for advanced routing features
Feature Licenses are provisioned automatically for customers utilizing Enterprise Cloud Manager. For customers who choose not to utilize Enterprise Cloud Manager…

  • Feature License Key File must be locally uploaded to each router, or
  • CradlePoint can pre-load and drop-ship for $32 per router
EEL Factory Provisioning EEL-LOAD $32 Factory EEL Key File load and drop-ship

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