Firmware 6.0 Drawer Statement

Beverly McRae

Cradlepoint 6.0 Firmware Upgrade

Products Supported: AER31x0, AER21x0, MBR1400v2, MBR1400, MBR1200B, CBA850, CBA750B, IBR11x0, IBR6x0, and IBR350.


Firmware version 6.0 has been released and introduces a vastly improved GUI for all routers. The new GUI takes the look and feel of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and brings it to the router. The menus have been reworked to be more intuitive and discoverable, and yet the configuration experience in itself has stayed similar to the previous UI. In short, finding the menus is easier and configuration has stayed as easy as always.

ECM users will immediately be displayed the new router GUI when configuring a router or group of routers with FW 6.0 or greater providing an improved and consistent user experience across the platform.

Along with the new UI, some notable new functionality is now available in FW 6.0:

  • Object Firewall
    • Independently create identities and policies, then match them to create rules
    • Easier to configure and more flexible
  • Connection Manager has been revamped, and now easily configurable in ECM
    • Manage all WAN connections remotely in a single, intuitive UI
  • WiFi-as-WAN Improvements
    • Intelligent AP handover capability

Cradlepoint recommends upgrading a few routers and take some time to get familiar with the UI, the new firewall, Connection Manager, and other important configuration elements, before moving their entire fleet.

Firmware 6.0 will comes with more extensive documentation to ease the transition.

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