Getting Started with CradlePoint’s Training Portal

Beverly McRae

Getting Started

Status Menus

Router Configuration

Enterprise Cloud Manager


Getting Started

Take it out of the box and plug it in!

Connecting a Computer to a CradlePoint Router

Accessing the CradlePoint Admin Pages

Enterprise Cloud Manager Registration

Product Manual – First Time Setup Wizard

Product Manual – Status – Dashboard

Status Menus

Router Config

Network Settings


System Settings

Enterprise Cloud Manager

Enterprise Cloud Manager Main Page

Enterprise Cloud Manager FAQ

Perparing to migrate from WPC to ECM

How to migrate GROUPS from WPC to ECM

How to migrate DEVICES from WPC to ECM

Upgrading router firmware for ECM compatibility

Tracking modem data usage with ECM

Using a LAN gateway to connect a device to ECM

Configuration priority in ECM

Multi-Factor Authentication


Troubleshooting DNS

Troubleshooting wired WAN problems

Troubleshooting WiFi as WAN

Troubleshooting prior to RMA

Gaming console firewall problems

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