How to update NCOS from NetCloud Manager

How to update NCOS from NetCloud Manager
  • To update router firmware to a newer version
  • Upgrade router firmware to a newer version
  • Update router NCOS from NetCloud Manager
  • Updating a router whose NCOS is locked by NCM
  • Updating a router that’s part of a NetCloud group
  • Best practices for group NCOS updates
  • Device managed by NetCloud Manager
  • Router with an active internet connection
  1. Log into NetCloud at
  2. Navigate to the Groups tab in the menu on the left
  3. Create a new group that matches the router’s product version and current NCOS version: How to create a new group in NetCloud Manager
    1. Note: If a current group exists and you would like to retain its configuration in the new group, follow these steps. If not, skip to step 4.
    2. Select the current group the router is in
    3. Click Configuration at the top of the page and select Copy To into a drop down
    4. Choose the new group we created and click OK
  4. Click on the Devices tab on the left
  5. Select one router to update by placing a check in the box next to its name
  6. Click the Move button at the top of the page
  7. Choose the new group we created earlier, then click OK
  8. Go back to the Groups tab on the left
  9. Select the new group and click the NetCloud OS button at the top of the page
  10. In the dropdown select the NCOS version to update to
  11. In the warning dialog, select Run Now (or Schedule the Upgrade: NetCloud Manager: NCOS update Scheduler)
  • If there are many routers in the original group, we recommend moving only one of them into the new update group as a trial. This way, if there are issues, they are isolated to only one device and we can diagnose them without affecting the whole network.
  • If the router is exhibiting any strange behavior after being updated and its critical to restore it to a fully functional state, we can move it to the original group to quickly restore its previous NCOS and settings.

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