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How do I improve the battery life of my PHS-300?


The battery life of the PHS-300 needs to be improved.


If your PHS-300’s battery does not seem to be giving you the maximum usage, you can change the Transmit Power. The Transmit Power will lower your Wi-Fi transmission output. This will decrease your Wi-Fi range but can give you up to an extra hour of battery life.


The following steps can be used to change the Transmit Power:
1.    Access the routers administration pages, found at http//:
2.    Once you are logged into the administration pages, select the Advanced tab at the top of the page.
3.    On the Advanced tab, select Advanced Wireless from the left hand side of the menu.
4.    On the Advanced Wireless page, this is where you can change the Transmit Power from High to Low.
5.    Once you have changed the Transmit Power to Low, click on the Save Settings tab found at the top of the page.
6.    After you have selected to Save Settings the page will ask you if you would like to Reboot Now. Select Reboot Now and once the router is reset, you are finished.

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