How Do I Install A SIM Card Into A Sierra Wireless GX440 With Wireless LAN (WiFi)?

Beverly McRae

Sierra Wireless AirLink devices for AT&T or Verizon Wireless LTE do not come standard with a SIM card installed. This means that in order to be operate on a cellular network, SIM cards must be installed. With most cellular modem devices this is not a complex procedure, with the exception of Sierra Wireless GX400s or GX440s with WiFi or any other GX with an expansion card installed.

When the aforementioned AirLink® GX-series devices with X-cards are concerned, (WiFi, i/o, serial, ethernet),  is highly recommended that you opt to have USAT perform the SIM insertion on your behalf, which we do standard as a part of the DevProv+ suite of services, or for a nominial “SIM insertion” fee. If you face extenuating circumstances where this is not an option, follow the instructions below.





Installing a SIM in a GX Wi-Fi
X-Card Enabled Device:



USAT highly recommends that SIM
integration on GX Wi-Fi X-Card enabled devices be performed by an authorized
service center such as USAT.  USAT
includes SIM integration at no additional charge with our DevProv+ service



While we highly recommend this service be performed
by USAT, we understand that some customers may want to integrate an existing
SIM upon receipt of their new GX400/440 device with the Wi-Fi X-Card. 



Below are the basic steps for
integration.  Extra care should be taken as damage to the X-Card or modem that occurs
during SIM insertion is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.


The SIM slot is located on the front left
(as you are looking at the side with the lights and the reset button) behind
the plastic cover. To access the SIM slot on the device you must remove the
plastic cover.



Step 1: Unplug your GX400/440 from power source.



Step 2: Remove the four hex screws on top of the unit (used to secure the
black cover). Place screws in a safe spot, these screws will be used again.


                Step 3: Remove the nut and washer from the front facing SMA connector. Place
nut and    washer in a safe spot, these will be used again.


                Step 4: Slide the top black cover off of the device.

            Step 5: Install the SIM card with the gold contacts facing down and the
cut-out facing to the right.





Re-Installing The Cover for a GX
Wi-Fi X-Card Enabled Device:



The cover has
a tab to mechanically secure the SIM in place during extreme vibration. When
replacing the cover:

Step 1: Install the black cover by lining up the SMA antenna connector with
the hole in the cover, tilt the rear of the cover slightly to make sure the
front bottom of the cover seats in the front ridge, and then push the top of
the cover down.


Step 2: Re-install the 4 hex screws on top of the unit.


                Step 3: Place the lock washer onto the SMA antenna connector and push to the
face of the cover.

            Step 4: Install then tighten nut.


If you are a USAT client, you may contact USAT Corp. with any points of clarification that you may need.


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