What is the IoT or the Internet of Things?

Beverly McRae

The term IoT or Internet of Things is gaining popularity among marketing teams as a neologism to describe device interconnectivity through the conduit of the Internet. It is arguable that M2M or Machine-to-Machine communications can occur on any internet (lower case i) that is established between devices, including locally via Bluetooth, WiFi WLAN, Zigbee, Digi International’s Xbee, private cellular networks and so forth. The Internet (capital I) is the massive cloud that is a conduit for devices to interconnect, and the Internet of Things uses this cloud to connect together devices from around the world.

Connected devices communicate with each other and with host machines over the Internet, often spawning activity based on a set of arguments which requires Internet level connectivity. For example, a generator indicates that its fuel tank is low, a regional fuel truck has the generator added to its delivery list, and a dispatcher is sent an email alert when a critical refill was scheduled. Finally, a summary is sent to a regional scheduling manager who can modify the alerting process to keep the tank from hitting a critical level.

Another term is also gaining ground in some markets. The IoE, or Internet of Everything. IoE is a similar to IoT, with perhaps a more superlative nature to emphasize that everything will be inter-connected.

Regardless of whether the days term is M2M, IoT, or IoE, USAT Corp. is focused on connecting enterprise customers with business assets, enabling automated control, monitoring, measurement, and device management. Everything will be connected eventually, and USAT has the breadth of experience and the technical capabilities to ensure that our clientele are connected first.

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