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What do the LED lights on the GX440 mean?

Four LEDs are visible from the front and top of the AirLink GX400. Labeled (from left to right) Network, Signal, Activity, and Power, each LED can display one of three colors: green, yellow, or red.

  • LED Operation:
  • Off – No activity
  • Green – Full function
  • Yellow – Limited Function
  • Red – Not functional
  • Blinking – Where needed, blinking is used to indicate altered functionality
  • Network LED:
  • Green – On the network
  • Flashing Green – Roaming
  • Yellow – Found service, attempting to connect
  • Flashing Yellow – Link down
  • Red – No data connection available
  • Signal LED – Light shows the strength of the signal and may be nearly solid
    (strong signal) or flashing (weaker signal). A slow flash indicates a very weak
  • Green – Good signal
  • Yellow – Marginal signal
  • Red – Bad signal
  • Flashing Red – No signal
  • ActivityLED – Pulse green on packet transmit/receive on radio link.
    Otherwise, LED is off
  • Power LED:
  • Off – No power (or above 36V or below 7.5V)
  • Red – System not operational
  • Green – Normal operation
  • Green, Occasional Yellow – GPS Lock
  • Yellow – Low power mode or system booting

Caution: If you need to reset the device configuration using the Reset button, hold the button depressed until the LEDs start cycling yellow, and then release the button.

Light Patterns

The LEDs on the front of the device respond with different light patterns to indicate device states.

    Normal – Each LED is lit as applicable

  • Start up and Device Reboot – All LEDS simultaneously cycle red, yellow, and green at the start. Various light patterns continue until the Power LED turns yellow, and then a solid green, to indicate an active device
  • Radio Passthrough (H/W) – Network LED is a solid red
  • Factory Reset – All LEDs cycle yellow back and forth when the Reset pin is briefly depressed and released. Returns the device’s software to the factory default state
  • Data Retry, Failed Auth, and Retrying – The Network LED blinks red every 3 seconds

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