What are the main differences between Standard COR IBRs & Active Standalone GPS versions of the IBR600LE-PWD & IBR600LP-PWD?

Beverly McRae

Understanding the difference between Standard COR IBRs & Active Standalone GPS versions of the IBR600LE-PWD & IBR600LP-PWD

On standard versions of COR we support GPS and reception is received on the auxiliary (2nd) modem antenna port.  Our default modem antennas don’t provide great GPS reception.  There is a 3rd dedicated GPS antenna port on the module inside COR (that isn’t used in regular versions or COR).  In the –PWD versions this dedicated GPS port is wired to one of the WiFi antenna ports, which is now the new dedicated GPS port.  WiFi no longer uses that port so it is only running with 1 antenna which isn’t a major issue for most GPS applications.  The dedicated GPS port is powered (PWD) from COR.  This means an active (meaning powered at 3.3V, 100mA max) GPS antenna can be attached to the dedicated GPS port and placed on top of a vehicle providing a much stronger signal and low attenuation.  Active GPS antennas are readily available in the market.

Main differences between COR PWD and COR:
  • 1×1 n WiFi instead of 2×2 n WiFi
  • Active GPS antenna port at 3.3V, 100mA max (SMA adapter included to convert WiFi port to standard SMA active GPS port)
  • The GPS function is turned on by default, where as in the standard COR the default is disabled
IBR600LE-PWD & IBR600LP-PWD Setup:
The IBR600LE-PWD & IBR600LP-PWD ship with 3 antenna; 2 cellular and 1 WiFi, and a R-SMA to SMA adapter for connecting a GPS antenna.  It does not ship with a GPS antenna.IBR600LE-PWD & IBR600LP-PWD WiFi and GPS Antenna Connectors
User-added image

R-SMA to SMA adapter
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WiFi Antenna
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IBR600LE-PWD/IBR600LP-PWD Cellular Antenna Connectors
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IBR600LE-PWD/IBR600LP-PWD Cellular Antennas
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To Install:

  1. Match the antenna to the connector
  2. Connect the antenna and tighten by hand.
How to Activate the IBR600LE-PWD or IBR600LP-PWD

For instructions on activating the IBR600LE-PWD click here, look for the COR IBR600LE-VZ section.

For instructions on activating the IBR600LP-PWD click here, look for the COR IBR600LP-AT section.

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