How do I manage a CradlePoint Router in ECM with No Active WAN Connection?

Beverly McRae

It is possible to manage a CradlePoint router through Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) with no active WAN connection, such as when it is used a failover device or configured in WiFi Bridge mode on an existing network. With the default settings, the router requires an active WAN connection to connect to ECM or obtain the current date/time from an NTP Server. To instead use the LAN to connect to ECM, you must set the CradlePoint to use the LAN Gateway feature.

  1. Log into the device’s administration pages.
  2. Go to System Settings > Administration.
  3. Select the Router Services tab.
  4. Select Use LAN Gateway and input the LAN Gateway Address. (This is the LAN IP address of the router that the CradlePoint is connected to.)                                                                                                                  Enabling a LAN gateway for Router Services
  5. The DNS server fields might not need to be changed: these match the static DNS values (set at Network Settings > DNS). You can leave the default values or set them manually here.

Once Router Services has been configured to use a LAN gateway, the device can now be managed by ECM via the LAN. However, because the device still does not have an active WAN connection, ECM will report the IP Address for the WAN source of the network the CradlePoint is connected through.


  • Setting up a LAN gateway for router services can be used to save money when a CradlePoint router is configured for 3G/4G failover behind another router. If your 3G/4G data plan is small/expensive, you can set router services to use the LAN connection (following the above steps) so that ECM doesn’t use 3G/4G data unnecessarily.
  • In addition to ECM, other “router services” also require a WAN connection by default but can be configured to use the LAN instead. For example, the above steps will enable a connection to an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server via the LAN.
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