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What is MIMO and why use MIMO antennas for optimal data transmission on the LTE network?

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas systems require two antenna fixtures and are designed for use for LTE networks built out by the cellular carriers (in the USA–AT&T, Verizon, Sprint). By utilizing multiple antennas, data throughput and range are increased compared to a single antenna using the same radio transmit power. Additionally MIMO antennas improve link reliability and experience less fading than a single antenna system. By transmitting multiple data streams at the same time, wireless capacity is increased.

MIMO technology uses Multipath (when wireless signals ‘bounce’ off of objects and arrive at the receiver at different times) to improve wireless performance. MIMO technology takes a single data stream and breaks it down into several separate data streams and sends it out over multiple antennas. This provides redundancy. The receiving MIMO antenna will ‘look’ at each stream being sent to determine the strongest one to choose.

USAT Corp. has performed bench tests where using a MIMO antenna system for LTE has increased performance by 40% over using one antenna fixture.

Contact USAT Corp’s sales team and we can recommend the correct MIMO antenna solution for your fixed or mobile application to maximize the speeds and feeds of the LTE network.

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