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What is Modbus and how is it used with Sierra Wireless devices?

Most anyone working in the utility industry is probably familiar with Modbus, a serial communications protocol typically used with PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Modbus is often used to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in SCADA systems. Did you also know that Sierra Wireless intelligent serial gateways feature Modbus support? Sierra Wireless AirLink® serial cellular gateways like the Raven X (V4228-V), GX400/440 and Raven XT (V2227-V) can be used in place of radios in a Modbus solution. In order to do this, you will need an AirLink® device for the host and an AirLink® device at each remote location. Each of these devices will also need to be properly configured. Once this is done correctly, the host (master) provides a single endpoint to poll all of the field devices (slaves). This functionality is extremely useful when trying to maintain compatibility with existing hardware and software, all while transitioning to a cellular network-driven solution.

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