What do I need to have to power a wireless modem with a solar array?

Beverly McRae

The core elements of an off-grid solar photovoltaic system are as follows:

  • Solar PV Panel or Panels
  • PV Panel Pole Mount
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Deep Cycle Solar Battery
  • NEMA Enclosure

The array is designed for the location (where on the planet) it will be deployed into. The design needs to accommodate the demand requirements of attached equipment. Modems take varying amounts of power depending on whether they are transmitting, receiving, idling or entering a low power state. USAT engineers have modeled the solar demand characteristics for wireless gateways and modems including Encore Bandits, Cradlepoint COR and MBR, Digi Connect, Digi WR, and Digi Transport, Sierra Wireless AirLink® Raven, Sierra Wireless AirLink® PinPoint, Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX-400, Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX-440, CalAmp, Multitech and Red Lion Sixnet Bluetree wireless devices.

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