NetCloud Engine: Configure SmartZones for intelligent routing

Beverly McRae


SmartZones were created to help NetCloud Engine connected devices always use the optimal network path when communicating with other devices.  Once configured, devices located in the same SmartZone will always use the local network path when communicating with each other.  Devices outside of the SmartZone will use NetCloud Engine to connect.

Since you’ve enabled ADConnect you should configure SmartZones for all networks where local devices plug in.  This way, when your remote users come into the office, their connection will automatically know to use the LAN rather than NetCloud Engine.


Configure SmartZones from the web portal

- Log into and choose your network.
- Under "Control", choose "SmartZones", then choose "Add a Smart Zone".
- Name your SmartZone, choose which devices to add and choose "Save".

User-added image

That’s it.  You have successfully created a SmartZone for your environment.

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