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NetCloud Engine (formerly Pertino): UsageMonitor Beta FAQ

How do I enable UsageMonitor Beta?

As the network owner of a Trial or Business plan, you can select the “Activate” button under UsageMonitor Beta on AppScape page. Once activated, the network owner can select “UsageMonitor” on MyApps page.

To whom is UsageMonitor Beta available?

UsageMonitor Beta is available to any network owner on a Trial or Business plan.

Is there an extra charge for UsageMonitor Beta?

No, there is no extra charge for UsageMonitor Beta at this time for Trial and Business plan network owners.

What does UsageMonitor Beta track?

UsageMonitor tracks traffic over the NetCloud Engine network only; it excludes local traffic and remote traffic that do not cross NetCloud Engine (e.g., Internet traffic). It tracks the last 1 day and last 7 days of usage for the network. For the 1-day graph, the horizontal axis is by hours (based on your local browser time) and the vertical axis is in Bytes/Kilobytes/Megabytes/Gigabytes depending on the traffic volume for the day. The 7-day graph’s horizontal axis is by dates for the last 7 days, and vertical axis is in Bytes/Kilobytes/Megabytes/Gigabytes depending on the traffic volume.

Why don’t I see Internet traffic?

NetCloud Engine is currently split tunnels meaning that only traffic destined to a NetCloud Engine device from a NetCloud Engine device traverses the NetCloud Engine Cloud. All other traffic bypasses it and is therefore not reflected in UsageMonitor Beta’s charts. When I transfer a file to another NetCloud Engine client, is the traffic double-counted? In a sense, yes. For example, when you send a 10MB file to another NetCloud Engine device, your usages will show a 10MB transmit (plus protocol overhead). The receiving device will show a 10MB receive. When the devices’ usages are aggregated, the result will appear to be double counted as 20MB (plus overhead).

What is a top talker?

A top talker is user or device that send more data throughout the NetCloud Engine network than other users. UsageMonitor keeps track of the top five users and top five devices.

How can I see the detailed usage of a top talking user or device?

Click on the top talker you wish to detail and you will be brought to the detail page for that user or device.

How do I see usage for a User or Device which is not a top talker?

This is not supported today; however, we plan to add this in future iterations of UsageMonitor.

Where did the OS breakdown on the Dashboard go?

With the initial release of UsageMonitor Beta, the OS breakdown is replaced by the 7-day usage chart if you have UsageMonitor Beta activated. With future releases, you will be able to rotate through the different dashboard pages (OS breakdown, Usage, etc.).

How can I get the OS breakdown on the Dashboard back?

Currently, you would have to deactivate UsageMonitor Beta for the network.

I transferred a file but I don’t see the usage.

UsageMonitor will display data about 15 minutes after your file transfer.

Why is my chart blank?

If your chart is blank it means that UsageMonitor did not see any traffic. Remember, only traffic that traverses the NetCloud Engine network is reported in UsageMonitor; Internet and local traffic are not measured.

Can I see the usage for all of my networks on my account?

Currently, the usage charts are available by network. With future releases, you will be able to view the usage for all networks on your account.

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